Branches and Subsidiaries

CPE Turkmenistan

/cpeen/xhtml/images/public/cpetbEstablished in January 2010, CPE Turkmenistan Branch developed its business covering engineering design, consultancy, topographic survey, geotechnical investigation, equipment supply and construction in Turkmenistan. Meanwhile, CPE Turkmenistan Branch plays an important role in technical support as Surface Facilities Planning and Engineering Center for CNPC International Co., Ltd (Turkmenistan).

Up to now, there are 200 employees in CPE Turkmenistan Company, including 25 from China and 175 from Turkmenistan. The employees from Turkmenistan take up more than 87%. CPE Turkmenistan Branch has obtained the full set of survey and design qualifications in oil and gas field of Turkmenistan issued by Turkmenistan Standardization Administration. This is the first overseas-funded company which obtains such full set of qualifications in Turkmenistan.