Second phase of Halfaya Oil Field Project becomes operational
2014/08/22 11:46

2014082049814501On August 18, the openning of oil export valve on CPF2 marks the second phase of Halfaya Oil Field Project becoming operational, officially entering into the ranks of oil filed with annual capacity of 10 million tons. CPE has been providing engineering service and technical support for Halfaya Project for the past 2 years.

Located in the Mesopotamia, Halfaya oil field is a mega-oilfield with annual capacity of 30 million tons, being developed in 3 stages. In July 2012, the first phase of Halfaya Oil Field Project became operational, creating the "Chinese Speed" to put the project into operation 15 months in advance. CPE's integrated engineering winned high recognition from Chinese clients, foreign partners and Iraqi government as well.

Now the second phase is running smoothly, and the work related to the third phase is advanced, indicating CPE is walking further and firmer on the road to become an international company.