Society & Environment

Our Commitment to HSSE


CPE takes HSSE (Health, Safety, Security and Environment) into account as our first priorities when we do business. CPE aims to be the best contractor in terms of HSSE and makes constant efforts to achieve this goal.

  • CPE HSE Policy
  • H - To ensure the health of employees.
  • S - To guarantee a safe workplace and safe working practices
  • E - To follow practices that create a harmonious environment

    Quality performace is what CPE relies on, "People first and life above all" is what CPE sticks to and long- term sustainable business is what CPE is committed to. Zero accident, zero harm and zero pollution is the ultimate goal we pursuit.

    • ISO 19000-2008 Quality Management System - Fundamentals and Vocabulary
    • ISO 19000-2008 Quality Management System - Requirements
    • ISO 28001-2001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System - Specification
    • ISO 24001-2004 Environmental Management System - Requirements with Guidance for Use
    • Q/SY 1002.1-2007 Health, Safety and Environmental Management System - Part I: Specification
    • Related laws, regulations, standards, specifications and rules.