Featured Projects

Oil Field Surface Facilities
  • Halfaya Oil Field Project
  • Client: CNPC International Iraq FZE
    Capacity: 535,000 BOPD
    Scope of Work: PDP, FEED, Detail Design, Procurement Support

  • Agadem Oil Field Surface Facility Development Project
  • Client: CNPC Niger Petroleum S.A.
    Capacity: 20,000 BOPD(oil) 35 MMSCFD(gas)
    Scope of Work: FEED, Detailed Design & Procurement

  • Ahdeb Oil Field Production Facilities Development
  • Client: AL-WAHA Petroleum Co., Ltd
    Capacity: 120,000 BOPD (Oil) 86 MMSCFD (Gas)
    Scope of Work: FEED, Procurement support & Detailed Engineering

  • North Azadegan Oil Field Production Facilities
  • Client: CNPC International (Iran)
    Capacity: 75,000 BOPD (oil) 39 MMSCFD (gas)
    Scope of Work: FEED, Detailed Design and Procurement Support

  • Rumaila Brown Field Rehabilitation
  • Client: BP/PetroChina/SOC
    Capacity: 1,160,000 BOPO
    Scope of Work: Engineering, Procurement Support & Construction Management